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Central Bank: C1F9 counterfeit note can be identified

(CRI Online)

09:16, July 08, 2013

100-yuan counterfeit RMB notes starting with the C1F9 serial number was recently discovered in Yi Nan county of East China’s Shandong province. (Photo/Xinhua)

China's central bank has brushed aside rumor that counterfeit banknote with serial numbers starting with C1F9 can not be identified. | Previous News:
Chinese warned of high quality counterfeit notes

Shi Baoke, the director of the Anti-Counterfeit Banknote Management Section of China's Central Bank, pointed out on Thursday that the C1F9 counterfeit banknotes are easily identifiable through any ordinary currency detector.

C1F9 counterfeit banknotes are easily distinguished from genuine banknotes as a result of their inferior quality,Shi explained

He added that no case can prove that counterfeit banknotes can be withdrawn from a bank cash point.

The Beijing News reported on June 29 that a Beijing lady surnamed Wang unfortunately came into possession of C1F9 counterfeit banknotes recently. The banknote was withdrawn from a cash point nearby, and was identified as being fake when she went to purchase a computer.

According to the newspaper report, Miss Wang attempted to check the note at a local bank, but when it was passed through a note detector it failed only three out of five attempts.

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