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Chime bells unearthed in Yejiashan graveyard


09:17, July 08, 2013

In Suizhou in Hubei Province, some new archaeological discoveries have been made in a series of tombs from the West Zhou Dynasty in Yejiashan. (

The excavation is continuing in the Ye-jia-shan graveyard in Suizhou, Central China's Hubei province. On Wednesday, a part of a set of chime bells was discovered in one of the largest tombs in the graveyard.

For archaeologists of the Yejiashan graveyard, nothing has been more exciting than excavating the chime bells. On Wednesday afternoon, five chime bells were unearthed from tomb M111. Though it’s not a whole set, the archaeologists said it was a breakthrough nonetheless. It proves again that the owner of the graveyard might have been a noble and a music lover.

Li Boqian, Dir. of Archaeological Dep., Peking University, said, "These chime bells are the earliest ones we ever found. Though the bronze-wooden frame to hang the chime bell has been rotted, some painting still can be seen. Probably there will be deeper down. So we keep excavating and see. "

The Bronze Chime Bells of the Warring States Period are the most famous landmark of Suizhou. They were discovered in the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng in 1978, in the western part of the city. So far they’re the largest and most well preserved chime bells ever found in China.

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