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Netizens argue validity of top 10 Chinese noodles


08:44, July 08, 2013

>> List of top ten Chinese noodles released

Shaanxi noodles, a popular Chinese dish, failed to make the "top 10 Chinese popular noodles" list that was released during the first Culture of Chinese Noodles Festival.

The 10 dishes listed are: Wuhan hot noodles with sesame paste, Beijing noodles with fried beans and meat sauce, Shanxi sliced noodles, Henan Xiaoji stewed noodles, Lanzhou ramen, Hangzhou Pian Er Chuan, Kunshan Aozao noodles, Zhenjiang pot cover noodles, Sichuan spicy dandan noodles and Jilin Yanji cold noodles.

The exclusion of noodle dishes from Shaanxi brought Web users shock, and some say the list is unfair. Shaanxi province has a rich culture involving its noodles, with more than 100 different types. Saozi noodles and Biangbiang noodles are particularly well known and appraised universally.

"Shaanxi is the province of Chinese noodles," a netizen said.

Another netizen said he couldn't believe Shaanxi noodles weren't recognized. "How could the list not include the Saozi noodle?" he said.

The list was born under the discussion among the China Hotel Organization, the Zhejiang provincial department of commerce and the Hangzhou city government during the second Culture of China Hotel Festival and the first Culture of Chinese Noodle Festival.

Famous critic Xiao Yunru, via a Huashang News interview, said the ranking in some sense reflected Shaanxi's poor promotion on its cultural influence.

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