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China 'will not accept' EU measures on emissions

(China Daily)

09:49, May 18, 2013

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Eight Chinese airlines are facing possible fines for not paying for their emissions during flights within countries of the European Union. Yan Daming / For China Daily

A senior official from the Civil Aviation Administration of China said on Friday that the country disapproved and "will not accept any unilateral and compulsory market measures", after the European Union threatened Chinese carriers with fines for non-compliance with its Emissions Trading System, or ETS.

Speaking at the 2013 China Civil Aviation Development Forum in Beijing, Yan Mingchi, deputy director-general of the policy, law and regulation department under the CAAC, said that "airlines in developing countries should be provided with financial and technological support in their efforts at coping with the effects of climate change".

He added that a balance must be maintained between the development of the international aviation industry and emission reduction targets.

Eight Chinese and two Indian airlines are facing possible fines for not paying for their emissions during flights within the EU, the European Commission announced on Friday.

It said member states could fine the companies under the terms of the ETS, which is designed to cut CO2 emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions from those countries participating in the ETS dropped by 2 percent in 2012, and aircraft operators responsible for 98 percent of the 2012 aviation emissions covered by the ETS have taken the necessary steps to date to comply with the ETS legislation, the EU said in a statement.

"All cases of non-compliance will be examined ... in accordance with established procedures," it added.

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