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Top 10 innovative cities in Asia-Pacific


14:29, March 14, 2013

Taipei, China

Overall score: 0.40

Human talent:0.091784276


Knowledge creation:0.05131111


Global integration:0.041104628


Singapore ranks as Asia Pacific's top innovative city, according to a new survey conducted by Solidiance, a strategy consulting firm based in Asia.

The comprehensive study aims to help industry players identify the best places to plant and grow their businesses. It was designed to determine whether or not a particular city had created an effective and innovation ecosystem.

Six main categories were used in this study as benchmarks to measure each city’s level of innovativeness: Human talent, knowledge creation, technology & innovation ecosystem, society, government & regulatory framework, as well as global integration and orientation towards the future.

As the biggest winner, Singapore outperformed all other ranking cities through its level of global integration. It is known for its sustainable infrastructure, proper business amenities and business-friendly ecosystem.

China has only two cities among the top 10, indicating the world's second largest economy has yet to establish a innovation-driven growth pattern.

The following are the ten most innovative cities within the Asia-Pacific.

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