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Zhejiang pig farm admits to dumping corpses


08:02, March 14, 2013

HANGZHOU, March 13 (Xinhua) -- A pig farm in Jiaxing City, east China's Zhejiang Province, on Wednesday confessed to dumping dead pigs into the Huangpu River, local authorities said.

The admission came after a preliminary investigation traced the birthplace of some of the dead pigs found in a section of the river in Shanghai to Jiaxing, the Jiaxing city government said.

Shanghai has provided 14 ear tags collected from the dead pigs, and Jiaxing is still investigating 13 of these tags.

Nearly 6,000 dead pigs had been pulled out of a section of the Huangpu River in Shanghai as of Tuesday.

Local media had previously reported that the corpses may have come from the upper reaches of the Huangpu River in Jiaxing City.

The Jiaxing city government said a total of 70,000 pigs died due to crude raising techniques and extreme weather at the beginning of the year. All the collected corpses were disposed of safely, and no mass swine epidemic had broken out in the region so far.

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PD User at 2013-03-1996.231.130.*
These pig-farms owners should be arrested and charged with sabotaging national resources, for it is the source of people" drinking water, and livelihood. This act is no different that factories dumping/polluting their toxic wastes into the river. They should serve a long-term jail sentence, and pay the costs of retrieving all the dead corpses of the pigs, and clean-up. To serve a lesson of deterrence for pig-farm operators on how to dispose sick or dead pigs properly thru proper department or authorities. How about throw these culprits into river with the dead pigs, and let them drink the water from the river?
Huoqiao at 2013-03-1475.72.239.*
6 pigs? or 60 pigs dumped in the river may acceptable, but 6,000? Where on earth can we find any one action like this? Only in China.
88 at 2013-03-1472.42.143.*
70,000 dead pigs... wow.. if that isn"t animal cruelty i don"t know what is... wow...

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