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Foxconn halts recruitment

By Liang Fei (Global Times)

16:58, February 21, 2013

Taiwan-based electronics manufacturing company Foxconn Technology Group Wednesday confirmed with the Global Times that the company has halted post-Spring Festival recruitment in the mainland, a move some analysts blame on automation while company sources point to lower turnover.

"Foxconn has for now halted the recruitment of workers at the mainland plants … Only the plant in Zhengzhou (capital of Central China's Henan Province) is now recruiting a small number of technical workers," Liu Kun, spokesperson for the company's mainland operation, told the Global Times Wednesday.

Many companies in the manufacturing sector need to recruit more workers, as the period after Spring Festival is a common time to change jobs. And Foxconn's post-Spring Festival recruitment has impressed many over the past few years with long lines of would-be-workers waiting in front of its recruitment desk.

The China Business News reported Wednesday that some of the company's plants have been known to hire over 5,000 workers in a single day during active recruitment.

Liu said that it is still not clear when the company will resume recruitment for this year.

The China Business News report also said that the company's Zhengzhou plant will not start any major recruitment before June this year, and that the halt in hiring may be related to a reduction in production of Apple Inc's iPhone 5.

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