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First Jieqiang JOYMAX flagship shop opens

(People's Daily Online)

16:57, January 18, 2013

The first Jieqiang JOYMAX flagship shop opened in the business area of Zhongshan Park on December 31.

Present at the opening ceremony were Mr. Ge Junjie, vice president of Bright Food (Group) and board chairman of Shanghai Tangjiu (Group) and Mr. Dong Xiuming, deputy general manager of Shanghai Tobacco (Group). They expressed appreciation of the opening of the shop, hoping that this highly professional shop, which combines product sale, brand display, interaction between business and enterprise and spread of wine culture, would become a new milestone in Jieqiang’s development.

The flagship shop is much larger than a general one with its total area of nearly 500 square meters. It is attached with constant-temperature cellar and outdoor garden, and features little sparks of innovations in general image and facilities which create an elegant and comfortable environment. It also boasts “soft power” that consists of integrated goods, brand promotion, consumer experience and membership service.

It houses nearly 3,000 kinds of goods including mid-and-high-end cigarettes, cigars, full-range wines, tea and derivatives of tobacco and wine. Its wine items include famous Chinese brands as Moutai, Wuliangye and those from listed chateaus of Bordeaux, offered together with value-added services including wine appreciation, booking of wine from listed chateaus, customized product, gift delivery and wine storage for members.

So far Jieqiang has established 200 direct shops covering business centers and exclusive communities across the city, winning consumers’ heart with its professional and credible image of brand. The newly opened flagship shop, with its advantages in expertise and services, aims at better services on wine and tobacco products in a cozy environment and adding vitality to Jieqiang’s retailing segment with optimized business and service modes.


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