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Winter clothes show times have changed

(China Daily)

08:11, January 05, 2013

Wearing a long scarf and a mask with a heart, a woman braves the cold wind in Beijing on Dec 21.[Photo/China Daily]

Winter fashion trends have changed over the years as people's material well-being has improved. In the 1970s in the less developed areas of China joining the military was a good career choice for young people, and the green overcoats worn by soldiers during the winter came to symbolize a better future for many. They were also practical, keeping their wearers warm when they were out in the cold and serving as a quilt when necessary.

For over 20 years, the green military overcoat was the symbol of a person's social status in China. In 1987 movie director Zhang Yimou attended a ceremony organized for his film Red Sorghum in Beijing wearing a green military overcoat. Based on a novel by Nobel laureate Mo Yan, the film won the Golden Bear Award at the 38th Berlin International Film Festival.

However, over the last decade it has been replaced by a kaleidoscope of other winter wear. Today the emphasis is on individual style and besides keeping out the cold, they symbolize personal tastes personal values.

Walk down any street today and you will see a wide range of different textures, styles, designs and brands warming up the winter.

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