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'Alien' buster turns out to be a faker

(Shanghai Daily)

09:04, June 14, 2013

AN UFO enthusiast in Shandong Province who cheated the public that his rabbit trap killed an alien from outer space has been detained by police, the state-run CCTV reported yesterday.

The 35-year-old man surnamed Li in Binzhou City was punished with a five-day detention for his offence of disturbing the public order with his fraud.

Li made an online post last Sunday, saying he "encountered a UFO and some aliens" when he was hunting for wild rabbits using an electric trap on the bank of the Yellow River in March.

One of the aliens got electrocuted by the trap and he took its body home. In retaliation, other aliens destroyed trees over 20 hectares of a forest, he said.

Li also posed a picture showing him standing next to the "frozen alien" in his refrigerator. The alien looked like those seen in some science fiction movies. He added that it was police who forced him to keep it a secret for so long.

Police found Li fabricated the sensational news just to gain popularity. Li admitted that he made the "alien" with ossein and steel wires.

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