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Beijing vs. Shanghai vs. Hong Kong: showdown of China's big three

By William Wang (CRI Online)

09:55, June 13, 2013

Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, each with their own distinct personalities [Photo: Wang]

Outside of China, millions have never even heard of Chinese cities such as Chongqing, Chengde or Xian, yet one mention of Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, and heads will nod enthusiastically. For better or worse, these Sino-metropolises have managed to seep their way into the global consciousness as representative of the 5-billion strong countries. Proving that rivalries within a country extend beyond football and basketball teams, each of these three cities is keen to establish itself as a counterpoint to the other two.


In terms of history, the Chinese capital wins hands down. It has been an urban center for about 30 centuries, and an impressive amount of its extensive history remains on display throughout the city.

Yet despite all its palaces, temples and parks, Beijing is still dominated by a mass of bleak roads and grey rectangular buildings. Author Lionel Shriver even described Beijing as the ugliest city she'd ever seen.

It's true that people do not come to Beijing for its luscious scenery, but rather, its culture and history, which are the foundation of its reputation as China's art and music capital; every day rock bands and painters flock to the capital. Business is also booming, albeit in a less obvious manner than in Shanghai or Hong Kong.

Beijing is also strongly influenced by the presence of more than 70 universities, educating a mass of students from across China and the globe. Many students come from abroad to learn Mandarin, thus enabling an unprecedented number of "laowai", foreigners, to integrate into local communities and businesses.

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