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Host of celebrities as festival opens

By Xu Wei (Shanghai Daily)

09:20, June 13, 2013

American director Oliver Stone, British director Tom Hooper, Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-fat, South Korean actor Jo In-sung, Taiwan singer/actor Jay Chou, Hong Kong director Johnnie To and Chinese mainland director Jia Zhangke will be just a few of the celebrities at the opening ceremony of the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival at Shanghai Culture Square on Saturday.

They are among more than 400 industry figures who will promote productions and attend special film screenings, film forums and workshops at the event, which ends the following Sunday.

Oliver Stone is to receive a lifetime achievement award at the ceremony while Hong Kong martial arts director Tsui Hark will be presented with an outstanding Chinese film achievement award, the organizers said.

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves is attending the festival to promote his directorial debut "Man of Tai Chi" and, on June 19, the cast of "Superman: The Man of Steel," including director Zack Snyder, will attend its Chinese premiere.

At the ongoing 19th Shanghai TV Festival meanwhile, officials said SMG Pictures was collaborating with Hony Capital to launch a 3 billion yuan (US$480 million) fund for film and TV projects.

The fund will be spent mainly on film and TV drama projects.

Su Xiao, general manager of SMG Pictures, said that the company would be cooperating with Hollywood scriptwriters and producers to create stories for a global audience and more homegrown films and TV dramas would be distributed worldwide.

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