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Whistleblower welcome in China

By Xu Peixi (

17:14, June 14, 2013

(By Gou Ben/

Last week, a bright idealistic young man named Edward Snowden almost single-handedly opened the lid on the U.S. National Security Agency's PRISM program, a program which marks the bleakest moment yet in the history of the Internet due to its scope, exact country of origin and implications.

In terms of scope, major transnational service providers ranging from Google to Apple are involved in allowing the NSA to access their customers' data for the purposes of "surveillance." Nearly all types of services ranging from email to VoIP have come within the program's scope and it originates in a country which dominates the world's Internet resources – a fact which is acknowledged in the information leaked by Snowden clearly states: "Much of the world's communications flow through the U.S." and the information is accessible. The case indicates that through outsourcing and contracting, Big Brother is breaching the fundamental rights of citizens by getting unfettered access to their most personal communications.

As the case unfolds, there are many things to worry about. How do we make sense of the fact that the market and the state colluded in the abuse of private information via what represents the backbone of many modern day infrastructures? How do we rationalize the character of Snowden and his fellow whistleblowers? How do we understand the one-sided cyber attack accusations the U.S. has poured upon China in the past few months? To what degree have foreign users of these Internet services fallen victim to this project? Among all these suspicions, let us clarify two types of American personality.

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  1. Name

PD User at 2013-06-15221.222.169.*
Very nice.
CK at 2013-06-15115.135.19.*
Next US can accused anyone they dont like by saying according to taped information so and so is a criminal. ha, how easy for these liers to tell lies. China must formulate privacy law to get Googles, Apple or whoever provide data from within China to US. And this can be counted as act of cyberinvasion.
shoe at 2013-06-15108.0.31.*
Some birds are not meant to be caged, and My. Edward Snowdern is one. Let him fly free to wherever he wants to go. He is a good man doing a service to humanity worldwide.
LovingChina at 2013-06-14183.39.28.*
Of course, these brave and young geniuses, Edward, Assange, Bob, Carl, Bradley, etc, of the western world ought to be rescued since and because they had been doing the right things for the world communities of common people. The western nations exorcise "Human Rights" into devious hype against many other nations like China, will now have to swallow their own bitter pills, humbly and apologetically. Western nations have been actively promoting and harbouring activists and dissidents who go against other nations, like China; so now is the time for China to show its intelligence and strength.
Erin Rebel at 2013-06-14108.231.181.*
Excellent article.

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