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Farmer comments on grain prices at State Council press conference


08:48, December 26, 2012

BEIJING, Dec. 25 (Xinhua) -- A prestigious farmer said he hopes China's grain price will increase at a press conference hosted by the State Council Information Office (SCIO) on Tuesday.

Wearing an unruffled suit and a striped tie, 54-year-old Yu Huihuai, who hails from northeast China's Liaoning Province, was among three "grassroots guests" invited to discuss the country's grain output at the press conference.

Yu cited scattered farmland, a lack of funding and the generally low scale of farming as his most significant problems.

He said he hopes that a policy regarding land transfers will be released soon, as it will scale up production, adding that improvements to the lending system would ease the funding shortages experienced by farmers.

"The thing farmers hope for most is for grain prices to go a little higher. Although the prices rise every year, they are still a bit low," Yu said.

Yu, whose farms produced a higher yield per hectare than his county average this year, was honored for the achievement by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA).

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