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Domestic demand gets boost from consumer finance

By Liu Ming (China Economic Net)

10:49, December 18, 2012

The report of the CPC's 18th National Congress specifies the targets of China's economic growth and proposes that we should speed up the creation of a new growth model and that economic growth should be driven more by domestic demand, particularly by consumer demand. In order to establish a long-term mechanism for boosting domestic demand, we should continue to deepen finical reform. Here, sparing no effort to develop consumer finance and giving full play to the supporting role of finance in consumption is an extremely important aspect.

"The development of consumer finance is of great strategic significance in such as aspects as increasing domestic demand, promoting economic growth, and deepening the development of the financial market". Days ago, Ding Jiahua, deputy director of the Department of Research of National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, said that: by making great effort to develop consumer finance, we can increase the consumer's current consumption and balance the consumption level in its entire life circle, improve people's consumption capability, promote the improvement of people's life quality, balance the dynamic matching of supply and demand in the economy, promote the steady growth of the economy, optimize the asset structure of financial institutions, and dilute and dissolve credit risk.

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