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Egypt's presidency recommends ElBaradei as VP, financial expert as PM


09:36, July 08, 2013

CAIRO, July 7 (Xinhua) -- The Egyptian presidency recommended opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei as vice president and financial expert Ziad Bahaa-Eddin as interim prime minister, the presidential media adviser told state TV on Sunday evening.

"There is a consensus about these two figures for the two posts, " newly appointed media adviser Ahmed al-Mislimani said, noting that the government formation is likely to be announced within 24 hours.

"The presidency seeks to establish a solid national administration as well as a high-level national technocrat government able to accomplish its assigned missions to overcome such a difficult phase the nation is going through," Mislimani added.

With regards to the national reconciliation between ousted president Mohamed Morsi's Islamist supporters and opponents, Mislimani reaffirmed that the presidency has already started such an initiative "but some parties do not want to complete this reconciliation."

"For the presidency, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is a national group with a long history, and what happened in the June-30 uprising does not mean isolating the group from politics."

Rumors prevailed on Saturday evening that ElBaradei was named as interim prime minister, which was later denied by Mislimani as untrue "media leaks."

A controversial liberal, ElBaradei was strongly rejected as head of the interim government by the conservative Salafist Al- Nour Party.

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