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Egypt's opposition front presses Morsi for early presidential election


08:20, June 28, 2013

CAIRO, June 27 (Xinhua) -- Egypt's main opposition bloc, the National Salvation Front (NSF), on Thursday evening urged President Mohamed Morsi to hold an early presidential election.

The front urged Morsi "to listen to the voices of the opposition and respond to their demands by holding early presidential election to meet the objectives of 2011 revolution topped by social justice," according to a statement.

"We are confident that millions of Egyptians will flock to the main fields in peaceful protests on June 30 to assert their will and bring their revolution back to its right track," the statement said.

Activists and opposition groups have been preparing for massive anti-Morsi demonstrations on June 30, the first anniversary of the rule of Morsi, to ask the president to leave.

The NSF supports the public demand of returning to the boxes again in running the presidential and parliamentary elections after a transitional period, when a strong government is formed to target the economic, security and social justice problems.

The statement said an interim government will be tasked with redrafting the constitution, issuing laws and running national reconciliation that includes all social factions.

According to the statement, the NSF opposes any dialogue with Morsi.

Commenting on Morsi's speech delivered on Wednesday, Amro Moussa, a leading member of the NSF, said the president "doesn't take the opposition seriously."

The speech did not take into consideration the millions of signatures collected to push for an early election and did not give a roadmap for reform, Moussa said.

Ahead of the June 30 protests, Morsi also offered on Wednesday to form an independent committee to amend the constitution, with the participation of all political forces and parties, and a higher committee in charge of national reconciliation. However, his words were deemed by many as "superficial" and aimed at trivializing problems.

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