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High temperature, short circuit cause fires across Egypt


08:43, June 09, 2013

CAIRO, June 8 (Xinhua) -- Dozens of fires broke out in several provinces in Egypt on Saturday, mainly due to high temperature and unstable voltage.

In the capital Cairo, two people were killed in a huge fire that broke out in four buildings used as sponge warehouses, according to state-run MENA news agency.

The biggest fire was at a village in Wadi al-Natron city of Beheira governorate, around 130 km north of Cairo, caused by bad weather and dust storm. At least 47 people were injured, while tens of houses were burnt.

Although no deaths were reported, residents of the fire- stricken Imam Malik village blocked the desert road leading to the village and demanded the establishment of a fire-fighting unit near the village.

In Qalioubiya governorate near Cairo, an explosion of a power cable caused a huge fire in a plastic factory that extended to an incense factory, with no casualties reported.

In Alexandria, around 220 km northwest of Cairo, short circuit caused a massive fire that hit 19 wooden houses. No human casualties were reported, but some animals were killed, including 14 buffalos.

In Assiut, about 330 km south of Cairo, two huge fires destroyed 10 houses and killed some 50 animals, including camels, cows and sheep.

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