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Pakistan's new assembly sets to meet on June 1 to elect PM


20:07, May 27, 2013

ISLAMABAD, May 27 (Xinhua) -- Pakistan's new National Assembly is scheduled to meet on June 1 to elect the country's prime minister, parliamentary sources said on Monday.

The members-elect will take oath and will then elect the speaker and deputy speaker of the National Assembly, or Lower House of the Parliament. The house will then elect the prime minister.

According to the Constitution, the caretaker government is bound to summon the house by June 2 for the oath taking of the members-elect.

Outgoing Speaker Fehmida Mirza will administer the oath from the newly elected members in the opening session. After the inaugural session, the house will elect a new speaker.

The new speaker, after taking oath of the office, will conduct the election of deputy speaker and then administer oath from the winner.

Pakistan Muslim League (PM-N) has nominated Nawaz Sharif as candidate for the leader of the house while Pakistan Tehrik-e- Insaf or PTI has nominated Javed Hashmi for the slot.

Pakistan Peoples Party, the second largest party in the house, has decided to sit on opposition benches. However, it has not yet decided to take part in the race for the leader of the house.

The PML-N had emerged as the single largest party in the May 11 elections and its candidate tends to easily win the election for the slot of the prime minister.

Nawaz Sharif, who has served as prime minister twice, is set to lead the country for a third time.

According to latest figures released by the Election Commission of Pakistan, the PML-N now enjoys the support of 144 members out of 268 general seats following the induction of 18 independent members.

Elections for the special women and minority seats will be held later.

The PML-N is likely to secure 32 reserved seats for women and the five seats for minorities, which, if materialized, will strength its presence to 181 seats in the 342-member house.

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