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Organ donation from 8-year-old blind girl moves many

(CRI Online)

13:44, May 27, 2013

Medical staffers bow to the body of Hui Yongdan. [Photo: Spring City Evening News]

Parents in southwest China's Yunnan Province have donated the organs and body of their eight-year-old daughter to help those in need, deeply moving people across the country.

The girl, named Hui Yongdan, who suffered from congenital blindness, was born to a farming family in Zhaotong. On May 18, she stumbled over a mound and knocked her head on a stone, causing a severe brain injury.

After being sent to the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, her heart beat resumed but she remained in a coma. Her parents decided to stop treatment and donate her organs.

"We can't save her but we hope her organ can help save other patients, and do something good for society," said Peng Zhishun, the girl's uncle.

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