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Loving is giving

By Ma Xue (China Daily)

13:37, May 27, 2013

(Photo/China Daily)

Shangri-La Hotel Beijing uses micro blog to make wishes come true, Ma Xue discovers.

Liang Linlin's wish for the upcoming International Children's Day is some new clothes for her parents. Liang wrote down the wishes on Shangri-La Hotel Beijing's office micro blog. "I want a jacket for my father's birthday," the third-year senior student from Dandelion secondary school wrote, "I can't remember when the last time he bought a jacket was."

Another item on the micro blog: He would be "over the moon" if he could get a pair of Li-Ning shoes for this Children's Day.

"All I really want is to watch a 3-D movie with all my classmates, I have never seen one of those," one of Liang's classmates wrote.

Unexpectedly, they got replies from the Shangri-La Hotel Beijing, which is collecting wishes for the children from migrant-worker families and working to help make them come true. When these wishes were posted on the hotel's official micro blog, they were forwarded more than 250 times within a few days.

"It saddens me just to go through this list of wishes," says the project organizer from the hotel, who asked not to be identified. "Those children are not asking for much and what took me by surprise is that quite a few of them are not even asking for presents for themselves.

"We as hoteliers are here to do whatever we can to help."

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