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China-Pakistan bond features blessing of good-neighborliness: FM


13:16, May 24, 2013

ISLAMABAD, May 23 (Xinhua) -- Pakistan is China's all-weather strategic cooperation partner, and the bilateral relationship is characterized by the blessing of good-neighborliness, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said here Thursday.

Wang made the remarks in comments on Premier Li Keqiang's just-concluded visit to the South Asian country, which he said bore rich fruit, charted a new course for bilateral practical cooperation and opened a new chapter in bilateral relations.

During the visit, the diplomat noted, Li quoted for several times one of Pakistan's welcome slogans: "Good neighbors are a blessing."

The sentence, said Wang, precisely summarizes the principal feature of China-Pakistan relations, which is that the two countries are friendly and cooperative good neighbors.

The good-neighborliness between China and Pakistan, he added, is a blessing not only for the two peoples but also for all the nations in the region.

Noting that China has the largest number of neighbors in the world, Wang said Beijing paid enormous efforts to handle its relations with the neighboring nations, an issue that also draws lots of public attention.

China has always been dedicated to fostering good relations with all its neighbors, an unwavering policy that features harmonious coexistence, sincere cooperation and common development, with its relationship with Pakistan making a time-tested example in the process.

A fact of the blessing of China-Pakistan good-neighborliness is that the two countries have steadfastly adhered to a friendly policy toward each other, said the minister.

During his visit, Li reaffirmed Beijing's commitment to its friendly policy toward Pakistan, saying China is willing to be good partners and good brothers with Pakistan. They can trust and rely on each other.

Pakistani leaders, for their part, reiterated on several occasions that the Pakistan-China friendship is the bedrock of Islamabad's foreign policy and that defending China's interests is defending Pakistan's own interests.

It is this firm resolve shared by both countries that has brought China and Pakistan together as good neighbors in the true sense, said the Chinese diplomat.

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