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Student awarded 120,000 yuan for damaged skin

(Global Times)

14:26, May 27, 2013

A beauty spa has been ordered to pay more than 120,000 yuan ($19,572) to a university student whose skin condition severely deteriorated after receiving treatment at the spa, Qingpu District People's Court said Sunday.

The student, surnamed Li, then a university junior, bought a 688-yuan treatment from the spa in April 2011 to help clear up her dermatitis, a mild skin condition, according to a court press release. Li believed that improving her appearance would help her get a better job after graduation.

Fifteen days later, she booked a treatment package for 10,000 yuan to control her dermatitis. The skin condition got worse as she underwent the treatments, the court said. Still, she continued to go to the spa, which was not identified.

After red spots and blisters appeared on her face, she tried a treatment at a different beauty spa, the court said. She did not go to hospital until her face swelled up and the blisters began to leak a yellow liquid. Doctors said it would take one or two years for Li's face to return to normal.

In its defense, the spa argued that it was not responsible for aggravating Li's skin condition, noting that the condition existed before she visited the spa.

According to the court, an examination of Li's face found that she was hurt during the spa's treatments. The court also determined that her injuries left her slightly disabled.

The court said that the spa should have recognized the consequences of the treatment. Its employees had not received professional training and they did not test Li to find out if she was fit to use their products.

It also chastened Li for waiting so long to see a doctor about her condition.

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