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Bahraini political groups agree upon rules over new national dialogue


08:56, January 28, 2013

MANAMA, Jan. 27 (Xinhua) -- Bahrain's political groups agreed Sunday upon a set of 11 principles to facilitate a new round of national dialogue to end the political stalemate.

The National Unity Assembly, Bahrain's main pro-government political group, along with other political societies, mainly Islamists, agreed to take a "united stance in condemning violence from all sides."

In a joint statement, the Bahraini political groups called upon all parties to engage in the upcoming dialogue without pulling out in the middle of the talks.

Bahraini Minister of State for Information Affairs Sameera Rajab said last week that the new national dialogue would take place either this week or early next month.

More than 300 representatives from different factions of the society, including the opposition, took part in the national dialogue in July 2011. After the dialogue, several recommendations were made and implemented, while others are in progress.

Members of main opposition group Al Wefaq National Islamic Society pulled out of the talks, stating that they were not happy with the seriousness of the process conducted.

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