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AL says conditions of Syrian refugees in Lebanon 'appalling'


08:50, January 28, 2013

BEIRUT, Jan. 27 (Xinhua) -- An Arab League (AL) delegation to Lebanon under special emissary Faiqa Saleh has on Sunday termed the conditions of the Syrian refugees here "as absolutely degrading and appalling."

Saleh on Sunday toured the Syrian refugee camps in northern and eastern Lebanon before submitting her final report over the status of displaced Syrians in Lebanon to the Arab ministerial council and to a Kuwait conference, which will be held next week.

On the last leg of her regional tour of the Syrian refugee camps, Saleh noted the lack of immunization and inoculation of children and the absence of schooling as the difficulties in addressing properly the Syrian refugees issue.

The Arab envoy reiterated that further assistance will be provided in view of interest by major Arab and international donor states, saying that "much needs to be done in the field."

The special meeting, which will be held in Kuwait for the donor countries, "will adopt a special financial plan to help easing the living conditions of the Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, but we will ask for more funds for Lebanon," she noted.

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