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Aso's war cemetery visit shows right-leaning tendency

(People's Daily Online)

08:19, January 09, 2013

From January 1 to 5, Aso Taro, the vice prime minister and minister of finance of Japan paid a visit to Myanmar. During the visit, he paid tribute to the cemetery of Japanese soldiers of WWII in Yangon.

Gao Hong, deputy director of Japan Studies Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said that since the LDP returned to power, a series of new policies have been initiated in the field of domestic and foreign affairs. By now, Shinzo Abe hasn't visited the United States yet. With the most important Japan-U.S. relationship not yet fully clear, Japan is now focusing on developing diplomatic relations with its neighboring countries by means of economic ways, in the hope of creating a favorable neighborhood. The current visit of Aso to Myanmar has fully reflected this purpose.

In Gao Hong's opinion, as an old and conservative right wing party, the LDP has always been insisting on the wrong view of history, unwilling to admit the crimes committed by the Japanese armies during the WWII. Originally, the focus of Aso's visit to Myanmar should have been the economy diplomacy. However, as a founding member of LDP and the vice prime minister of Shinzo Abe's cabinet, Aso had insisted on executing personal errands, visiting the Japanese criminals of WWII. His hasty rightist behavior is worthy of attention. This also revealed the two conflicting characters of Abe's diplomatic policies: namely on the one hand, easing the tensions with neighboring countries and on the other still stubbornly cling to the erroneous view of history.

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