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Japan completes SDF deployment for DPRK's satellite launch


14:38, December 08, 2012

TOKYO, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- Japan completed the deployment of its Self-Defense Forces (SDF) Saturday to prevent any wreckage of a satellite launch by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea ( DPRK) from falling into Japan's territory.

A senior SDF officer reported the deployment completion to Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto earlier Saturday morning, Japan' s Kyodo News reported.

Morimoto also ordered the SDF to remain on alert for the coming two weeks in readiness so as to cope with any new development of the launch.

DPRK announced that it will launch a three-stage rocket between Dec. 10 and 22 to put a satellite into orbit. However, some countries considered that the launch is DPRK's test for long- range ballistic missile.

Morimoto issued a "destroy debris" order on Friday, requires the SDF to destroy any wreckage from the rocket if it falls into the Japanese territory.

According to reports, some ground-based Patriot Advance Capability-3 (PAC-3) missile interceptors have been deployed in Okinawa and three PAC-3 units have been installed at central Tokyo and areas near the capital.

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