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Attractions sought as a way to retain city's visitors

By Liang Yiwen   (Shanghai Daily)

08:10, January 29, 2013

Shanghai lacks regular cultural performances and tourism attractions to retain visitors who enter the city with the new, 72-hour visa-free policy, local political advisers said yesterday.

The absence could divert international visitors to tour destinations in the Yangtze River Delta instead of the city.

"The extended visa-free stay only help overseas tourists to leave Shanghai instead of staying in the city," said Tu Haiming, a local political adviser.

Under a new policy put into effect on January 1, Shanghai allows transit passengers from 45 countries to stay for 72 hours without a visa, extending from the previous 48-hour visa-free for overseas travelers.

Tu suggested the city add some additional clauses to the policy such as requiring the overseas travelers stay in the city for at least one night.

"Shanghai needs to build its own tourist attractions to retain the travelers in the city instead of making some additional clause," said Yang Fan, director of Shanghai Tourism Administration's Tourism Management Department.

He said that more people would like to stay in the city when the Shanghai Disney Resort is open and the tax refund and duty-free shopping program is launched.

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