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Network Security: Every country should be a responsible player

(Guangming Online)

15:30, February 25, 2013

Lately, State of the Internet, a report issued by Akamai Technologies in the United States, showed that 33% of global cyber-attacks came from inland China in the third quarter of 2012. Following the 16 percent in the second quarter, inland China once again is identified as the chief source of global cyber-attacks. Moreover, recently, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post in the United States also claimed that they were attacked by Chinese hackers. Wild China seemed to have become The Matrix. Unexpectedly, a nation with the cultural tradition of “knowing one’s limitations” has allegedly started to attack wantonly the United States, which represents the most advanced technologies in the world at present.

Believe it or not, some foreigners already said so.

Regarding the latest “network version” issued by “China Threat Theory” backers, it would not be fair to listen merely to the foreigners’ side of the story. In order to cut through the heavy fog of western discourse and approach the truth of the matter together with the readers, the reporter from Guangming Net interviewed Dr. Du Yuejin, head of the National Institute of Network and Information Security Technologies.

“‘Cyber-attacks’ is a global issue. Like other countries in the world, China also faces such problem,” Dr. Du Yuejin said, regardless of the accusations of western countries. “The notorious reputation of ‘Chinese hackers’ are in fact hyped by western media hegemony. Since the end of 2007, China has been under attacks for allegations such as stealing of secrets via the Internet. Coincidently, the so-called ‘Chinese Hackers Threat Theory’ also started to clamor in the same period of time. This means that ever since then, the whole world has become vulnerable to threats of online theft. The only difference lies in China’s silence over the attacks it suffered. Who would have noticed that, in 2011, among the 8,900,000 hosts controlled by hackers in mainland China, 8,850,000 were intruded by IPs from the United States?” According to Du Yuejin, the huge number and the fast growth of Chinese netizens caused practical difficulties for the over-all improvement of their security awareness. Vast number of computers owned by users with little security awareness were prone to become the resources exploited by hackers world-wide. Hence, lots of “dorks” from China appeared. On one hand, they became the scapegoats for hackers from all countries. On the other hand, they turned into the so-called “evidence” provided by certain countries in their accusation of China being the launcher of “cyber-attacks”.

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