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An artistic journey from New Delhi to Beijing (5)

By Zhang Junmian (

09:57, August 01, 2013

Bharat's "Unlimited Desire" (

The artist believes that the key to all conflicts and social problems is love and virtue. His belief is demonstrated in his works such as "Unlimited Desire," the "Together" series, "Prayer for World Peace," "Friendship Above All," "Waves of Music" and "Sweet Memories".

Explaining how large feet relate to such concepts, Bharat invoked yoga. "The practice of yoga began some 5,000 years ago in India, and we have practiced it since we were kids. In meditation, we feel our bodies become lighter and brisker starting from the feet upwards," said Bharat.

Bharat said, "I like green, because it's the color of nature, and in our traditional culture, human co-exists with nature in a harmonious way."

Love, childhood memories and Gurjinder's romantic style

In her personal statement, Gurjinder writes: "My art works are always very simple compositions of my memories, dreams and desires. My childhood was filled with countless memorable moments that I would love to relive. By the development of cities, living situations are changed, families are changed, relations are changed. Day by day society is changing and day by day I am missing more and more, those beautiful passed days and its wonderful unforgettable moments."

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