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An artistic journey from New Delhi to Beijing (7)

By Zhang Junmian (

09:57, August 01, 2013

Gurjinder's "Freedom" (

What we want: simple life and better works

Bharat and Gurjinder love artistic creation. They hope they will always be able to push creative boundaries and, hopefully, bring joy to others with their art.

The brother and sisters duo have never thought that taking art as their life career means an arduous road. They just enjoy it, and may continue work for many hours without any rest. They often forget to eat and go to bed in time when they are engaged in creation.

The suffering is worth it, however, when the final work is completed, Gurjinder said, who has been suffering back pain from her long hours sitting.

Bharat said he believes that artistic works shouldn't be done in a rush and they have never considered mass producing their work. "Artists should always maintain (their) independence and freedom in creation. Those who lose themselves in the market will end up as workman and businessman," said Bharat.

"What we want is very simple -- Live in a simple way, and create more outstanding statues for different cities in China, as well as in other countries," Bharat said.

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