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An artistic journey from New Delhi to Beijing (4)

By Zhang Junmian (

09:57, August 01, 2013

Bharat (L), his professor Qian Shaowu (C) and Gurjinder (

She obtained her third MFA degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing this summer, and will start her PH.D research there this September.

Like Bharat, Gurjinder fell in love with Chinese culture and is enthralled by the rapid development of Chinese contemporary arts.

"I will stay here with Bharat, and create more excellent works to make Chinese cities more beautiful," said Gurjinder, who is also fluent in Chinese.

The brother and sister lead a colorful life in China. The siblings appeared in the 2011 Chinese hit TV series "Xia Nan Yang," on which Gurjinder played the hostess of a hotel in Malaysia, and Bharat appeared as a guest.

Love, yoga and Bharat's "huge bare feet"

Bharat, who developed his interest in drawing and art when he was five years old, hopes to be Qian's best student. His sculptures usually depict green figures with a very concise and simple outward appearance. Females often have huge bare feet and excessively strong legs, which Bharat said are often used to inspire viewers to dwell on the relations between individuals, between individuals and nature and between individuals and society.

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