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An artistic journey from New Delhi to Beijing

By Zhang Junmian (

08:45, August 01, 2013

Bharat Singh (R) and his younger sister Gurjinder pose with Bharat's "Prayer for World Peace" placed at their studio in Songzhuang, Beijing. ( Junmian)

Bharat Singh, 37, and his younger sister Gurjinder are busy creating a whale protection-themed statue. Molding of the stainless steel art work "Love", which portrays two whales dancing around a mermaid, will be completed at the end of July.

"Next month, we will bring it to the Ulsan International Whale Sculpture Exhibition in South Korea," said Bharat from the duo's B&G Art Studio in Songzhuang, Beijing, the largest art zone in both China and the world.

"This work depicts the harmonious relations between human and nature, and we hope it can help arouse the public's awareness of wildlife protection," said Bharat, who has lived in Beijing for 13 years and is fluent in Chinese.

Ulsan will be one of the 60-plus large-scaled art exhibitions Bharat has participated in since the 1990s.

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