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Feature: Chinese coach falls in love with Mexico diving (2)


08:35, July 12, 2013

Due to Espinosa's triumph, Ma is considered a hero in Mexico and has been feted by the Mexican president. Even the Mexican journalist can pronounce Ma's name in a decent Chinese accent.

"People in Mexico love football, but diving has become an important sport in the country, now the government has paid more and more attention to the sport and increased the investment," said Ma.

"The overall strength of the diving in Mexico is increasing, and more and more young divers want me to help them."

In order to get the trust from divers, Ma adapted to a softer way in training, not only focusing on technique, but also doing a lot from heart communication.

Ma said that nowadays, her divers would send her a message saying "we love you" every night. "It really touches me a lot," said Ma. "The feeling is just like when I see them stand on the podium. Both of them can make me happy."

However, being in a foreign country for 10 years, Ma felt more and more homesick.

"I have participated in the Olympics twice, to be frank, that's enough, but if I go back to China now, I will feel sorry for those young divers who trust me and come to seek for my guide. Because of such sentiment, I have to persist in."

Ma said she will accompany Espinosa and other national teammates until the 2016 Rio Olympics. "After that, I don't know what my plan is."

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