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Coastal resort embraces surging Russian tourists (2)


19:09, March 22, 2013

The State Council, China's cabinet, gave Hainan permission to implement a duty-free program on a trial basis in April 2011 as part of efforts to promote the province as an international tourist destination.

More importantly, the weather in Sanya is a significant contrast to that of Russia, with many visitors wanting a sunny beach vacation, said Zheng.

Trofimova Olga is a 51-year-old engineer from Tyumen City, in West Siberia and is on holiday in Sanya. He said, "Amazing days in Sanya. I just lie on the beach with the sunshine and tender sea breeze."

It is his third vacation to the city, and on this occasion Olga has signed up to a 14-day treatment course with traditional Chinese therapy as he suffers from chronic disease in his leg.

"I am refreshed after the treatment and my physical condition is improving," he said.

Russian visitors are also attracted to the tourist, medical and recreation services because of their reasonable prices.

Olga paid about 20,000 yuan (about 3,218 U.S dollars) on his vacation, including flights, accommodation and traditional Chinese therapy.

"I have traveled to many cities in various countries. Sanya provides the most cost-effective vacation experience," Olga said. He added that the traditional medicine therapy was an "unexpected present" that he cannot enjoy in any other country.

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