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What’s happening in China

Man commits suicide, rescued by his wife in NE China

  1. 300 million residents expected to urbanize by 2020
  2. Report encourages parity for migrants
  3. More NGOs to provide govt services
  4. Only third of Beijing days saw clean air in first half
  5. Ozone adds to dangers of pollutants

Chinese Military Observatory

  1. Chinese escort taskforce holds cultural exchanges
  2. China's Army Day celebrated in Cambodia
  3. PLA air-defense troops open to overseas media
  4. Wang Guanzhong meets Korean Guests
  5. Military online game to open to public in China

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PD Online Data

  1. Video: Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang address NPC closing session
  2. Video: Premier Li Keqiang meets the press
  3. CPPCC chairman delivers speech
  4. Profile: Xi Jinping
  5. Profile: Li Keqiang