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Japan should stay away from China's safety range (2)

(People's Daily Online)

18:11, February 18, 2013

Moreover, if Japanese military aircrafts and warships come close for surveillance near China vessel formation, how can China warships sit quite and let it happen? How can China wait to be struck without even turning on the search and surveillance radar? Note that Japan has just threatened to shoot a warning bomb against China. Who knows whether the shot would turn out to be live ammunition or only a warning bomb? China has no choice but to be prepared. Even if Japan only fired a warning bomb, it would still be a physical threat; and even if China was targeting with searching radar, it would only be a photoelectric warning. It is not difficult to tell which case poses a greater danger.

Third, which party should be responsibility in case of an accidental discharge event? Undoubtedly it is the Japanese side. China vessel formation was carrying out normal training in the international waters. Why should Japan get close to reconnoiter and interfere with our normal navigation? Besides, such interference has not only happened once or twice. According to incomplete statistics, Japanese aircrafts came close for surveillance on China force for about 500 times every year, and interfered with our training far more often than that. Japanese warships often shadowed China vessel formation on our route with the snake-like interference and even vertical interference.

Any country's army will regard such behavior as a military provocation. Japanese military aircrafts are also used to play some dangerous moves. Lately, its F-15J fighter flew by China Transport-8 patrol with only 5 meters distance from its wing. A little astray would have resulted in ruin of the plane and death of people.

Provisions only allowing Japan to provoke and not allowing China for self-defense cannot happen.

In fact, Japan should know that the fact China did not use the fire control radar means China has let Japan off lightly. Although we did use the radar this time, it does not mean we are never going to use it. Once Japan poses a threat within short distance (but not the fabricated three kilometers distance which is a blind corner), China will have to send out warning and repel, and further, directly lock with the fire control radar. Any dangerous move from the counterpart, we will resolutely carry out self-defense leaving no room for negotiation, because passive means beaten with the life and death struggle on the battlefield.

The game rules in the East China Sea unilaterally raised by Japan have no ground. Japan should be aware that setting up air defense identification zone or firing warning bomb is not Japanese privilege. China can do the same.

In the East China Sea, China should have the right to impose legislative rules on Japan and Japan should stay away from the safety range of China!

Read the Chinese version: 罗援:日军政要员常识匮乏 中国应在东海给日本立规矩, source: People's Daily Online

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