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Change of int'l climate revives hope for political resolution to Syrian crisis (3)


09:13, February 04, 2013

He warned that the new Taliban, which the world will have to deal with, will be in Syria, adding that even if the most optimistic scenario to rid Syria of them is applied, this will take at least three years after the "fall of the Assad government. "

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius also said that there were no indications that the Syrian crisis is on its way to a solution soon. "things are not moving and the solution that we had hoped for, I mean the fall of (President) Bashar al-Assad and the arrival of the coalition to power did not happen."

Moreover, western diplomats said that a Russian-U.S. summit will convene soon to discuss "principles of the solution" of the Syrian crisis in accordance with the Geneva Statement, which Syria has previously agreed on.

The rock-solid support of Russia and Iran to Syria has likely undermined expectations of an imminent collapse of the Syrian government and forced Syria's foes to reconsider their positions and move closer to a political solution.

Iran, Syria's main ally in the region, warned that any attack on Syria will be considered as an attack on its own territory.

Eli Ferzli, a Lebanese political expert, said the Israeli airstrike was aimed to boost the morale of the rebels after the Syrian army's advancement on several fronts, stressing that the political solution is connected with what is happening on ground and the military advancement of each party that could empower the stances of the negotiators on the dialogue table.

Syria, on a daily basis, reports the killing of scores of whom it called "terrorists" affiliated with Jabhat al-Nusra, or al- Nusra Front, which has claimed responsibility for several suicide bombings in the country and revealed its intention to establish an Islamic Emirate in Syria.

On Sunday, the pro-government al-Watan newspaper said that the Syrian army is preparing for a wide-scale showdown in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, adding that the operation will start from the Haran al-Awamid area near the international airport of Damascus.

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