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Bold colors dominate 2013 interior design (2)


16:02, January 18, 2013

Bold colors dominate 2013 interior design. (CNTV)

British designer Wayne Hemingway is a fan of cutting edge of vintage fashion.

For the first time, he's brought together all his designs to create a whole house.

Everything in this room is made in Britain. It's a perfect mix of modern ideas and retro UK style.

Hemingway explains why colors are vibrant this year.

Designer Wayne Hemingway said, "Colour's important because I think at a time where people, you know there's still an economic situation, it isn't brilliant, there seems to be more bad news about in terms of weather and all of that, people need a bit of brightness and we know, how we like it, we like minimalism, but we like to add some quite sharp colours with it so that's why the sofas have got like that."

Everything here will be available to furniture boutiques over the next couple of months.

The recession-hit UK may be cold outside, but inside it's definitely hot.

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