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Historic blocks revamp questioned waste

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08:27, January 18, 2013

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Many cities are positive in improvement and development of the historic and cultural blocks, and they certainly will encounter the problems of construction and demolition during the process. Therefore, they must first find answers to several questions.

Question 1: Is it a pure historic block or mixed one? The so-called pure block means that it has ancient architectures, courtyards, streets, styles and features. The development of such blocks mainly concentrates on environment renovation, building repair and supporting infrastructure construction. However, the number of pure historic blocks is small and most historic blocks are mixed ones. The ancient buildings, tall modern buildings constructed in recent years and even makeshift houses all can be seen in the mixed blocks. There are aboriginals and immigrants who run a business or develop the early childhood education there.

Question 2: Is the mixed block historical or temporary? Those such as the places of revolutionaries and uprisings, former residence of ancient celebrities, ancestral halls, temples and courtyards should be protected and repaired while the houses and shops constructed in recent years should be demolished. In this regard, the relevant department must set up detailed program of demolition and give reasonable compensation, taking the rehabilitation and reconstruction of historic and cultural blocks as a chance of improving the housing conditions and living standard of people there.

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