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Historic blocks revamp questioned waste(2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:40, January 18, 2013

Question 3: Are the buildings preserved for visit or utilization? The buildings for visit should restore their original appearance. For those for utilization including opening exhibitions and stores, their external structure should be maintained and the internal furnishings and facilities must fit for the operating requirements as far as possible.

Question 4: Are the ancient buildings used for public welfare or commercial purpose? Those for public welfare should be kept to adapt to the needs of public benefit activities while the commercial buildings should be appropriately protected to meet the commercial demands.

Sustainability should be taken into consideration during the development of historical and cultural blocks in the cities. The following are the ways to put this idea into practice.

First, awareness of creating fine works is required. Every historical and cultural block, once developed, should be made into fine works. It is better not to develop than carrying out extensive, disorderly, or excessive development, which is inconsistent with cultural principles and is destructive.

Second, appropriate commercial modes should be established. Commercial flavors in the historical and cultural blocks not necessarily generate undesirable atmosphere as long as guidance, regulation, and management are in place. The development and operation of historical and cultural blocks in commercial modes promise broad prospects.

Third, publicity and promotion are also needed. It is a more and more serious phenomenon that blocks across the country are constructed in similar or identical ways. Historical and cultural blocks can and should become symbols of the cities through sufficient promotion and publicity.

Many cities in China have profound historical and cultural background and unique historical and cultural blocks. Such blocks need developing because otherwise they tend to be gradually destroyed, or covered with the thick dust of history. Further, attention should be paid to the cultural aspects during the development. Neglect of cultural aspects is no different from ruining the blocks. In the new historical conditions, historical and cultural blocks should have their own position and role if developed and utilized well by the contemporary people.

Read the Chinese version: 没有文化的开发就是糟蹋Source:People's Daily, author: Zhou Wenzhang.

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