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Fine Yoga: It's getting hot in here (2)

(CRI Online)

14:17, January 10, 2013

Fine Yoga's instructor Li Jing eases new students through some basic hot yoga poses. (Photo: Wang)

Ren Peng has been coming to Fine Yoga's classes for two years, mostly taking hot yoga classes. "I've been to other places a few times, but I think the environment here is better and the teachers are really good and sincere.

"Hot yoga suits me best," Ren adds. "It helps my body unwind and in the end everybody feels more relaxed."

Fine Yoga's Central Business District location just opened up last year, and is reputed to have more intimately sized classes and a more spacious environment. The nearby original studio at Blue Castle International Centre has more devotees and larger class sizes. Both studios have multiple rooms used for different classes.

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