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Guizhou Makes Significant Achievements in Community-based Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Pattern
The way to facilitate “Sunshine Project” under challenges (6)

(People's Daily Online)

18:25, January 05, 2013

Zhao Hengwei, Dean and Professor of Narcotics Control Department of China Criminal Police University, believed that the “Sunshine Project” consists of three leading roles, the local government, the rehabilitated and the sunshine enterprises. It is a new model which could only be developed into a long-acting system based on new legal relationship stipulated by means of agreement.

Li Bing, deputy director of Legal Affairs Office of Guizhou Provincial Government, held the same opinion. In his mind the provisions on the recovery, return and job placement of the rehabilitated stated in the Anti-Drug Law and the Regulation on Drug Rehabilitation are so conservable that it's necessary to promulgate a more targeted and specific guideline. Like the tax concessions applicable to sunshine enterprises, it is hard to be fully enforced totally depending on local legislation. What’s more, the wage standards and personal status and so forth of the rehabilitated in the enterprises where they've got full-time jobs, need to be protected through legislations by the state council.

Not only Guizhou, but also the whole nation faces a worsening situation in narcotics control. According to Chen Xufu (deputy director of NNCC and Deputy Director of Narcotics Control Bureau of Ministry of Public Security), the total population of drug abusers keeps rising in consecutive years. The accumulative total of registered amounted to 1.912 million around the country by end of May 2012, an annual average growth of about 15 percent. The further improvement and promotion of the “Sunshine Project” is of great social and political significance as being a permanent solution to address our domestic and the global drug issues at large. Chen proposed that the Party committees and governments at all levels of Guizhou province to include the “Sunshine Project” into their Overall Plan of Social & Economic Development, to enlarge supporting investment, improve official appraisal mechanism, and mobilize the social powers to get involved. He said the NNCC was about to deliver the valuable experience of the project and to firmly advance the job placement as a vital task.

Mu Ling, chief of the China Case Center for Public Policy & Management” (CCCPPM), Tsinghua University, appealed to introduce special laws and regulations, and turn the “Sunshine Project” into national strategy to be promoted around the country as the sole power of the NNCC is far from enough, so as to make it more institutionalized and law-based and to enlighten more people’s way back to normal.

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