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Young singers lift their voices in choirs of angels (2)

By Li Anlan   (Shanghai Daily)

08:22, January 05, 2013

The chorus mostly had been singing a cappella and folk songs, and "Bumblebee" poses definite difficulties, because the melody moves in semitones, and the speed and mimetic words are difficult, says Chen Xinyun, the leader of VIVA. "We picked this particular piece because it's interesting and difficult at the same time."

"So we keep challenging ourselves and it took a whole year for us to conquer it."

All members practiced and 16 were chosen for the talent show. They advanced in the competition.

Chen, a senior in international commerce, graduates in June this year. "We joined purely because of the interest in music," she says. "It's hard to say good-bye."

The performance on "China's Got Talent" was a surprise. Chen thought they were there to perform and entertain, not compete, but someone had signed them up.

"Just before the show, we were told we were there to compete, so we did our best," she says.

All four judges said "yes" to their performance. Judge Gao Xiaosong, a famous song writer, said the student performance was better than professional versions he had heard.

The chorus gives concerts for the school, attends national and international competitions and music exchanges.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University chorus last year gave four performances in Dresden, Germany, for the International Children's Choir Festival of 2012. The chorus was founded in the 1920s, according to Tang Yizhong, secretary general of the art education committee.

It has more than 60 members, mostly undergraduates and none of them in the arts.

"We Are Brothers and Sisters" was composed and performed by the chorus itself. It was made into a music video broadcast as the anthem for the Shanghai Blood Donation Association.

The voice of the golden youth sang by the chorus enthusiasts is not just the notes and lyrics.

The passion and dedication brought by all who love music is what makes the choruses shine on bigger stages.

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