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Top 10 Chinese entertainment events in 2012 (9)  16:24, December 21, 2012

2.Gangnam Style"sweeps China (

Even though it may seem strange to include a South Korean rapper's song on a list of Chinese events, there is simply no way to leave it out. "Gangnam Style" swept through the nation like a massive wave. It was the hilarious, wacky music video accompanying the song that catapulted rapper Psy, whose real name is Park Jae-sang, to international fame.

The video, featuring the tuxedo- clad rapper performing horse-riding dance moves across the Gangnam district of Seoul, has received nearly one billion views on YouTube by December, 2012.

The explosive popularity of "Gangnam Style" has earned the rapper appearances on high-profile U.S. television shows and was also invited to this year's MTV Video Music Awards held in Los Angeles. Even United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had a go at the moves when he met the rapper at UN headquarters in New York on Oct. 23

Many Chinese superstars have taken on the "Gangnam" moves on several occasions as well. And currently, rumors are rife that China's CCTV, Hunan TV and Jiangsu TV all invited Psy to perform for their New Year's Eve specials by offering the South Korean star staggering amounts of money.

On the downside, the hit craze also stirred up some trouble in China's entertainment industry, with Taiwan pop sensation Jay Chou even calling on to China's show biz to stop dancing it and create an exclusive, homemade Chinese style.

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