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Analyst says Apple may launch iPhone 5S in mid-2013 (2)


14:20, December 11, 2012

Apple may launch a new version of its smartphone in June or July of 2013 and the device could be named iPhone 5S. (Photo/Xinhua)

It seems that Apple currently is also testing a number of different prototypes of iPhone 6, which would come after iPhone 5S, according to the analyst.

Among the iPhone 6 prototypes floating around, the most interesting one is a model with a 4.8-inch screen which could possibly have full gesture control, Misek said.

Apple may also unveil a new full-sized iPad and upgrade its small-sized iPad mini around June of 2013, followed by the launch of a television product in September or October, the analyst predicted.

Misek's predictions were cited by several U.S. media outlets with skepticism, although the analyst said his report was based on checks with Apple's suppliers in Asia.

Misek has missed many predictions about Apple's television product, the latest example was that he claimed in August this year that Apple television was in full production and would be out by year end, online news website Business Insider noted.

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