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Say no to vicious cycle of ugliness appreciation (4)

(People's Daily Online)

11:26, December 03, 2012

The public are also responsible for this phenomenon. Without spectators, consumers, or demand for vulgarity, there will not be vulgar products or such controversial figures as Luo and Gan. Why do Gan take off her clothes? Who do they perform for? Who are they catering to? A serious vicious circle has formed due to the public appreciation of ugliness. The more loudly the public and Gan curse each other, the more excited the media are. Verbal wars can effectively increase TV stations' ratings. The public, media, and fame seekers have completed a tacit conspiracy in pathological pursuit of interests.

How do we get out of the vicious cycle of ugliness appreciation? The nature of the public determines the nature of culture, media, and celebrities. Administrative power should not be used to block vulgar celebrities, and the public should block Gan and her mother by voting with their eyes. Deep down, people find their performances disgusting, but should not express their disgust or anger through criticism, otherwise they will only be taken advantage of. Voting with their eyes is more useful than moral criticism. The public should stop watching their performances or the shows that invite them, so these celebrities will know that nasty hype no longer works.

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