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Say no to vicious cycle of ugliness appreciation (2)

(People's Daily Online)

11:26, December 03, 2012

Gan as well as her mother and daughter recently delivered an ugly and astonishing performance in a show at Jiangsu TV. Their performance has gone beyond the limits of vulgarity, and they have deteriorated from clowns who profit from the public's appreciation of ugliness into malignant tumors that make the Chinese entertainment industry increasingly foul and rotten. They talked like vixens throughout the show, and even cursed the audience who asked them questions.

In addition to taking off clothes, certain people in the entertainment industry have chosen a more disgusting way to attract public attention, namely cursing audiences and mainstream values. They hope to catch public attention amid heavy criticism.

Their performance on the show is literally a display of their hysteria, craziness, and lack of logic or common sense. It seems that the three "patients" do not have the logic, judgment, or cognition that a normal person has. In fact, the farce has exposed far more than three "patients." It is the sick society that has fostered such "patients."

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