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Say no to vicious cycle of ugliness appreciation (3)

(People's Daily Online)

11:26, December 03, 2012

Many TV stations have invited controversial figures on their shows in order to increase TV ratings. Certain stations have no bottom lines or principles, and always pursue controversy. They are not afraid of controversy, and often provoke controversy on their own. By inviting controversial guests, they hope that the guests will quarrel or even fight with one another. Integrity and values are nothing in their eyes, and what they want are higher TV ratings. It is fine to invite controversial guests, but they should hold serious discussions instead of "consuming" the controversy.

There is no doubt that such "demons" in the entertainment industry as Luo Yufeng as well as Gan Lulu and her mother have been summoned by certain TV stations in blind pursuit of higher TV ratings. The TV stations and these clowns take advantage of each other in the process of chasing ugliness. As these clowns shoot to fame, more people will be encouraged to take this shortcut to "success" by appearing uglier and more outrageous.

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