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Opportunities in challenges (3)

(People's Daily Online)

16:40, November 29, 2012

Relations among major powers are generally stable

In 2012, many countries have change of regime, but the relations among major powers are generally stable.

China and the United States share an overall stable relationship, but the United States takes precaution against and cooperates with China. China and Russia deepen the strategic cooperative partnership. There is room for alleviating the Russia-U.S. relations but it will not be improved significantly.

China is still in a stage of strategic opportunities

Emerging market countries and developing countries have strengthened their national strength and the balance of the world powers has been greatly changed. China’s international status and influence have increased. From the international and domestic situation, it can be inferred that China is faced with both challenges and opportunities, and it is still in an important period of strategic opportunities.

The colonial system no longer exists and the World War is history. There is no winner in the era of nuclear competition. The international community has established multilateral systems including the United Nations to control and solve conflicts. The rise of great powers has different characteristics in the new period.

China will be able to seize the strategic opportunity to build new relations with other great powers and finally realize the historical mission of peaceful rise.

Read the Chinese version: 挑战中有机遇, source: Jiefang Daily, author: Wang Shaozhe

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